Automotive Service

Auto Service / Oil Change

Motor Oil & Filter

Critical parts of your engine are lubricated, cleaned and cooled by your car's oil and filter. Over time your motor's oil will break down due to heat and contamination and lose lubrication abilities.

What's included?

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Basic oil change
  •  Oil and Oil Filter
  •  Visual vehicle inspection
  •  Battery and Charging system test
Ultimate Oil Change
  •  21 point vehicle inspection
  •  Battery and Charging system test with customer printout
  •  All fluids filled to their proper levels
  •  Tire pressure checked and adjusted to vehicles specs
  •  Lubrication of the vehicle chassis
  •  Replacement of oil and a high quality oil filter
  •  Wynn's Oil Additive
  •  Lucas Oil Treatment
Keeping your oil changed on a regular schedule will help maintain your vehicles performance and increase fuel mileage. *We have DEXOS®!