Making sure your vehicles alignment is correct will help with keeping your car going in the right direction while driving down the road. Proper alignment also helps with correct tire wear and tread life.

What do we check?

Alignment - Steering Wheel
  •  Steering Wheel & Assembly
  •  Tie Rods Inner/Outer
  •  Ball Joints
  •  Control Arms & Bushings
  •  Stabilizer Bar & Links
  •  Tire Pressure
  •  Tires Tread Depth


Your vehicles battery stores electrical energy required to start and run your vehicle. It should be inspected at least every three to six months.

What do we check?

Car Battery Indicator
  •  Check for corrosion
  •  Check for frayed or damaged cables
  •  Test battery to ensure it's at peak performace
  •  Check charging system to ensure proper operation
  •  Check starting system to ensure proper operation


Your car's brake system is the most critical safety system and you should check it immediately if you suspect any problems. Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle and should ideally be checked every oil change.

What do we check?

Generic placeholder image
  •  Inspect ABS module and wheel speed snensors
  •  Inspect Brake pads
  •  Inspect Brake rotors
  •  Check Brake calipers (disc brakes)
  •  Check Master cylinder
  •  Inspect Hydraulic lines and shoes
  •  Inspect Wheel cylinders (drum brakes)

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminates when there is a problem with the engine computer's control system.

What do we check?

Check Engine Indicator
  •  Perform PCM / BCM / TCM code retrieval
  •  Interpret and analyze the diagnostic fault code
  •  Locate & identify specific problem
  •  Discuss diagnostic and repair options if needed

Oil Change

Critical parts of your engine are lubricated, cleaned and cooled by your car's oil and filter. Over time your motor's oil will break down due to heat and contamination and loose lubrication abilities.

What's included?

Engine Piston
Basic Oil change
  •  Oil and Oil Filter
  •  Visual vehicle inspection
  •  Battery and Charging system test
Ultimate Oil Change
  •  27 point vehicle inspection
  •  Battery and Charging system test with customer printout
  •  All fluids filled to their proper levels
  •  Tire pressure checked and adjusted to vehicles specs
  •  Lubrication of the vehicle chassis
  •  Replacement of oil and a high quality oil filter
  •  Wynn's Oil Additive
  •  Lucas Oil Treatment
Keeping you oil changed on a regular schedule will help maintain your vehicles perforamce and incresse fuel mileage. *We have DEXOS®!

Routine Services

Routine services are necessary and should be performed as routine maintenance. If your vehicle has more than 30,000 miles you should maintain regular checkups.

What do we check?

Engine Spark Plug
  •  Most manufacturers recommend tire rotation every 12k miles
  •  Flushing the coolant at 100k miles
  •  Performing a visual inspection on belts & hoses
  •  Check battery terminals
  •  Check oil fluid levels and color
  •  Check Transmission level and color
  •  Inspect engine air filter & cabin air filter
  •  Inspect Wipers Blades
  •  Check tire treadwear and depth

Scheduled maintenance determined by mileage and manufacture and should be completed with a listing of each recommendation on the customers job ticket.


You vehicles suspension helps your car's handling and driveability. Your suspension also plays an important role in your vehicles tire wear and tread life.

What do we check?

Autmotive Shock or Strut
  •  Visual Inspect Shocks/Struts
  •  Ball Joints
  •  Control Arms & Bushings
  •  Stabilizer Bar & Links
  •  Tire Pressure
  •  Tires Tread Depth

Tire Service & Repair

Incorrect tire pressure, size or insufficient tread width can compromise cornering, braking, steering, stability, comfort, fuel economy and tire life.

What do we check?

Car Tire
  •  Tire pressure
  •  Perform visual tire inspection
  •  Check tire tread depth
  •  Perform tire rotation services as needed
  •  Tire replacement
  •  Tire installation – Mount & Balance
  •  TPMS Service Kit (if applicable)
  •  TPMS Sensor Replacement (if applicable)
  •  Tire Repair